Photo by Gia Goodrich / Wildfang suit / LA Eyeworks suit / Accessories Kayla Burke Design / Shoes by Fluevog

Through a combination of a short-attention span, Sallie Mae owning a portion of my soul, and being a workaholic, I have many jobs. I’ve been a fashion editor in the Pacific Northwest for eons and I’ve styled enough gorgeous editorials to fill one of those fat, hardbound coffee table books that looks cool, but no one ever cracks open.

I’ve always strived to call attention to the unacceptable exclusivity in the fashion industry, be it body size, price, or age. For the current issue of Portland Monthly magazine (maybe you’ll recognize the name from references on Portlandia) I planned a spring editorial around a 78-year-old model named Pat. Not surprisingly, she became my ultimate muse and I love this shoot.

Being fierce is a political act. The world wants you to fade away as you age but everyone has the right to style. See the full feature in its digital version here.

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