We get the question a lot. “Why is this polish called Darcelle?” The shortest of short answers is 42 years before RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered, and even 2 years before the Stonewall riots, Darcelle opened a drag revue in downtown Portland, Oregon. Fifty years later, it’s still open and she’s the (Guinness-certified!) World’s Oldest Living Drag Queen.

Still performing in multiple shows a week, Darcelle struts out on stage in her signature assless chaps for a crowd pleasing rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy, and some sassy af jokes you can’t believe an 87 year-old grandfather can bust out. For five decades Darcelle has been part of the Portland experience—a place for amazing parties, sequins, and acceptance—with a small club up top and deep catacombs filled with hundreds of gowns stretching for miles underground. The doctrine of self-love is one Darcelle preaches often (Or as another famous queen puts it, “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”) but just as important as the glitz of the stage is her devotion to charity work. Lending her power and personality to support many organizations, only one lies at the center of her heart and that’s why we donate 20% of the Darcelle polish proceeds to support Camp KC.

Part of the Cascade Aids Project, Camp KC is a week-long lakeside summer camp for HIV-positive and HIV-affected children from 5-15 who spend the week with counselors (many of them other drag queens from Darcelle’s club!) swimming, learning fabulousness, dance lessons, and Darcelle’s mantra, loving yourself.

As a thank-you for making it to the end of this story (which is obvs very dear to our hearts) channel your inner queen with 15% off your purchase of Darcelle nail polish through April 6th. Just use code: ILOVEMYSELF at checkout!

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