When we first hatched the idea of launching Claws Out shortly after the punch-in-the-ovaries 2016 election, the motivation was to hold ourselves accountable—to make sure we never acclimate to whatever this new reality is. It’s exhausting to wake up to a flaming political poop pile on our doorstep each day, but ignoring it will only burn the house down. We’re not yet sure what this soon-to-be hopefully-regular-ish newsletter will evolve into exactly but our goal is for it to be irreverent, funny, informative, and delightful. Just like us! We want it to be a place to open up the conversations we’re having at HQ and invite all of you in. Since digging our nails into this project we’ve donated thousands of dollars to orgs we believe in, volunteered at non-profits, been invited to judge drag queen competitions, expertly dodged some internet trolls, and gladly welcome whatever else comes next. This is just another way for us to say our our hearts are still open and our claws are still out.

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