The Hysteria team

The team over at Crooked Media (the parent company for the always informative Pod Saves America) just launched a new WOMEN ONLY political podcast called Hysteria. Not only does it have a rad, diverse cast of co-hosts who are everything from full-time activists to comedians, it includes one of our total faves, Alyssa Mastromonaco, the youngest women to serve as White House Deputy Chief of Staff (under Obama obvi).

The group use their different perspectives and experiences to dive into political issues affecting women and non-binary people, and it’s damn refreshing to hear funny, smart people like me (yes, I have high self-esteem. Why do you ask?) talk about issues that affect me instead of




white dude

Below is the inaugural episode where you meet the bicoastal squad. They talk about the impending shit show of Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring, insincere public apologies, and they always end on recommendations for cool stuff women are doing and making. We love it.

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