Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Two weeks ago we shared the news of getting booted from television because of our controversial opinions that women should be in charge of their own bodies and that we donate money to a summer camp for HIV-affected children. You know, really scandalous stuff. But what’s happened after has been one hundred percent heartwarming.

The Willamette Week paper ran a story on us and it became one of their trending pieces for the week (read it here!). Stores reordered, you sweet people sent us kind words of support, and strangers emailed to tell us they were donating to our charities. One man dm’d that he woke up and put on our nail polish because he was so mad and it was the first thing he could think to do to show support.

We want to take a special moment to shout out the boutique Grayling. Not only were they the very first shop to stock Claws Out, their rad af owner Katy Kippen was asked to go on the show that cut us and this was the response she sent. We know we have the coolest stockists in the world, but this made me cry.

Thank you. All of you.

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