Why does your nail polish cost more than the ones at the drugstore?

Great question! And the short answer is because we strive to make them ethical every step of the way which costs a little bit more. Our polishes are made here in the United States without any of the toxic chemicals found in the cheap brands. They are never tested on animals or use animal byproducts (did you know some nail polishes use fish in them?). We pay Claws Out employees a minimum of $15/hr. to promote a living wage. And finally, we both donate 20% of our profits to charity on behalf of our colors in addition to supporting other worthy causes throughout the year. All in all, we put your money to good use, and you’re likely purchasing Claws Out because these things matter to you as much as they do to us.

What does 10-free mean?

It means we don’t use harmful chemicals in our nail polish, and they are free from parabens, acetone, formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, TPHP, or xylene. The market keeps changing how this is described. While our nail polish ingredients have remained the same since founding in 2017, they were once called 5-free and now the language is 10-free. Some brands also count being free of animal products and fragrances to even call themselves 12-free (which we technically are too!), but we continue to say 10-free as it is the most common term for consumers.


How long does shipping take?

We process your order within 2-5 business days and ship via USPS first class mail. We are not able to ship outside the United States due to the USPS guidelines around shipping an item with alcohol in the ingredients. The alcohol in nail polish can cause a bottle to crack if left in extremely hot weather or the direct sun for long periods of time. When ordering during hot weather, please make sure to plan accordingly.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the item being a beauty product, we cannot accept returns. But if you have a bottle that’s been cracked in shipping, or something just isn’t right, please reach out to us and we’ll get it settled.


Who do you donate do?

All of our donations are spelled out on our Values Page by each color and some of the other causes we donate to, sponsor, or volunteer at.

How do you calculate your donations?

At the end of the year our bookkeeper does our final Profit & Loss assessing our annual profit and we send year-end donations divided up based on the amount each color sold over the year. If there is a nonprofit that could benefit significantly from an earlier donation (such as a political organization during an election year), we send donations early based on estimated guesses and then square up any remaining at end of year to help them as much as we can.

How do you choose who to donate to?

Through a myriad of ways. Some are people we’ve volunteered for personally; some are orgs we admire, and some we ask people in correlating fields for suggestions. For example: we asked a psychiatrist for advice on the mental health organization we chose for Exhausted Empath and we asked a trans advocate for advice on our Pride color. We always welcome suggestions for new organizations, but please be aware we are a small company with many more requests than colors currently on the horizon.


Where are you located?

We are a family-owned business operating out of Portland, Oregon. You can find out more about us on our Values Page.