About Us

Eden Dawn is the style editor for Portland Monthly, Oregon’s number-one-selling magazine. She is a well-known personality in the community, often seen judging drag queen pageants, sitting on several advisory boards, chatting through live television segments, emceeing fundraising galas, performing at storytelling events, and even hosting her own quarterly series Fashion in Film at the historic Hollywood Theatre.

Claws Out Founder Eden Dawn
Ashod Simonian is a creative director at North, a Portland-based brand strategy and creative agency; co-owner of Imaginary Authors, a niche perfume house; and author of Real Fun, a book of photography and stories document-ing his decade spent touring the world in various indie rock bands.

Claws Out Creative Director Ashod Simonian

Together Eden and Ashod run the activism-based nail polish company Claws Out, which has included collaborations with the Portland Trail Blazers and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. They've also co-authored Portland Book of Dates—a guidebook to the best adventures, escapes, and secret spots in and around Oregon. Both projects are a natural extension of their adventurous, overextended lifestyle, bringing together Eden’s passion for style and words and Ashod’s artistic skill. They’ve been married since 2017 and work from their slightly creaky hundred-year-old house in Portland’s Alberta Arts District with their three bossy cats: Daphne, Foxglove, and Ruby.

Claws Out Kittens, Daphne and Foxglove