Oh hi! You're interested in helping us spread the Claws Out love and raise more money for these rad progressive, feminist

non-profits?  Great! Let's give you the info you want.


We have a 24 bottle minimum initial wholesale order and, to accommodate the needs of our small boutiques, just a 12 bottle reorder minimum. Every order comes with a nail color wheel for customers and packed with our donation cards pre-attached to the bottle, ready to

get on the shelves. All wholesale orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail.


We've partnered with Faire to be our wholesale ordering platform that offers benefits to small businesses and allows us to keep best track of of polish orders for our donations for each color. You can take advantage of:

  1. (1) Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores

  2. (2) Free returns on your first order

  3. (3) Limited time: $100 of credit for our line when you sign up!

Just click here to create a wholesale account.

*We reserve the right to not accept an order if it impedes upon a non-compete agreement we have with a current stockist.

We try to keep a 10-block minimum between shops to allow each stockist to thrive.

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