By: Eden Dawn

After my nightly news dive into the Sunken Place where I inevitably cry, attempt to throw evil curses in one direction and mental hugs in another, then end up stress drinking $13 bottles of a dry Spanish white, I need a way to unwind, you know? Reading books by smart, funny women has been my saving grace and the cost is on par with my therapist's copay, so it fits the budget.

This month we highly reco picking up Samantha Irby’s We Are Never Meeting In Real Life, a collection of essays that’ll make you laugh-cry through stories about how to adult spend and why she should be the next Bachelorette. There’s also a glorious amount of sex talk. Irby—who also writes the 😂 Ask Agony Auntie column for—brings some much needed levity to these heavy, heavy times. Btw, if you somehow aren’t familiar with Shondaland or its founder, Shonda Rhimes (creator of A+ fashion icon Olivia Pope) we give the coveted double tap to all that, too.