By: Eden Dawn

The entire nation can’t take our eyes off the survivors of the Parkland high school shooting. This impressive group has accomplished more in a few days than the Harry Potter crew did in the first five books (with a lot of help from Hermoine obviously). What’s most amazing is they’ve been able to do something those of us much older, and less wise haven’t been able to do—get the world to listen. It’s been an inspiration to watch these whippersnappers speak their minds, strong arm NRA-supporting companies, stare down Marco Rubio, and still have the patience to sit through Dana Loesch’s soulless blather. If you somehow missed senior Emma Gonzales’ rousing anthem calling BS on all the heaps of BS in the world, watch it at once.

We’ve learned a lot listening to these kids for the past couple of weeks. For instance, we’ve learned if you were raised in a world where the internet has always existed, then wicked Twitter burns are second nature (we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you below). We’ve also learned if you ignore them, they’ll trample all over you, so it’s best to just join them.

  • On Saturday, March 24, let’s all show up to the March for Our Lives event in our cities. You can find your closest march on the official site and show these kiddos, and children everywhere, that we care.

  • Follow Moms Demand Action and Everytown who are both working tirelessly to make common sense gun control a reality.

  • Listen to survivors and share their voices. The Parkland teens are active on Twitter and here are some of their handles: @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111, @JaclynCorin, @longlivekcx, @sarahchad_.

  • VOTE. We’re 250 days away from the midterms. If someone on your ballot takes money from the NRA, kick ‘em to the curb. You deserve better, honey.

For the entire month of March we’re sending 20% of the profits from our Elect More Women to Office” tees to Everytown. These USA-made shirts are printed by at risk and homeless youth through a non-profit group here in Portland called New Avenues for Youth.