By: Eden Dawn

We love Stacey Abrams. Currently running for Governor of Georgia, the level-headed lawyer wrote a personal piece on her $200,000 debt this week in Fortune Magazine. A large portion of her debt is from student loans and, as the owner of two bachelor's degrees myself, I know education comes with a price. That women generally earn 40-80% what their male counterparts do makes it even harder to get ahead.

This is not an isolated case. If you know someone under 40 with a degree, you likely know someone with five and six figure debt. If it’s not schooling it’s housing, healthcare, or credit card bills. Living under the inescapable shadow of debt is the new American way. We shouldn’t be holding this woman’s finances against her, we should be electing her to fix the broken system (and maybe getting our first ever black female governor in the process).

Read Abram’s whole piece here.