Back for another week of a Fashion in Film recommendation and we’re saying it’s time to cue up SELENA, the 1997 biopic celebrating the Tejano musician and style icon! Played by Jennifer Lopez in a breakout role (and made with participation and support from Selena’s family), it follows Selena Quintanilla as she sings in a family band created by her father (played by Edward James Olmos) and backed by her siblings. As Selena begins to shine with her signature dance moves and ICONIC 90s fashion (Studded bras! Flared jumpsuits! The nails!), the crowds take note rocketing her towards mega-stardom. As she begins an English-language album poised to make her one of the biggest stars in the world, tragedy strikes, leaving a hole in pop music to this day. It’s one of those movies that WILL make you cry and feel good, and cheer all in two hours, so come emotionally prepared for a roller coaster.

And now for the game of, What Color of Claws Out would J. Lo have worn for this role? The answer is HOT ROCK because not only would the deep deep red complement all the costume lewks, but also because it donates to helping other little Selena’s learn how to play music at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls.