What to watch this weekend? In 1992, director Penny Marshall made the world fall in love with an American pastime all over again, by focusing A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN on the incredible women’s baseball league that sprang up during WWII as male players were away fighting. Focusing on Oregon sisters Dottie Henson (Geena Davis) and her sassy baby sis Kit (Lori Petty), the two deal with their washed-up grouch of a coach (Tom Hanks, in one of his most quotable roles) and the team’s antics (including Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell) while they all show the country that they are truly amazing athletes (made to play in skirts?!!?).

What color of Claws Out would these sluggers have worn? The answer is of course Resistance Red. It's not only true to the era, it's perfect for these powerful women who bucked the status quo the whole time.